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Reporting Channel

The Reporting Channel is the main means of communicating deviations that violate the guidelines of the Ethics and Compliance Program. The verification processes have the support of a specialized and independent company, aiming to guarantee greater impartiality and confidentiality in the verification processes.

RAX BRASIL does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who reports a concern in good faith and all violations reported on the Reporting Channel will be treated confidentially and anonymously.

Events that must be reported on the Reporting Channel relate not only to breaches of the Ethics and Compliance Program guidelines, but also to legal, regulatory, celist, fraud, deviations, moral and sexual harassment, theft, corruption, bribery, conflict of interests, information security, ideological falsehood, illegal exercise of the profession and among others.

All violation reports will be investigated by the Compliance area, which will issue, whenever a violation is identified, an opinion containing the description of the facts, the analyzes carried out with the respective evidence, conclusions, recommendations and action plans. Such recommendations or action plans may determine the review and eventual alteration of processes, as well as imposing educational or disciplinary measures.

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